How Can We Help You? A ‘3D’ solution.

1 DISCOVER - In phase one C. VanCott Arts will research your organization to discover, identify and strategize a path forward to achieve your goals over the short and long term.

2 DESIGN - In phase two we apply knowledge of your goals and objectives to shape thoughtful, designs aimed at your market. This will ensure consistency and clarity across a broad spectrum of visual communications.

3 DELIVER - In phase three we implement and deliver to your market. We carefully manage the creation and production of all the elements of your project.


Even though you’re just starting out, your brand needs to convey confidence and clarity to your market. Creating the presence of an established business is hard when you’re starting out and trying to keep costs down. Small/Medium Business, (SMB) Pro was developed to help your SMB have a big impact with prospective clients.

Branding is essential. While you can’t (yet) afford a marketing team, there’s a lot C. VanCott Arts can do to establish a smart, attractive brand for your business.


Established Pro

If you are an established organization, your visual communications need to be reviewed periodically to stay attuned and responsive to the needs and behaviors of the market for your product or service. We will assess your current communications and periodically check in to ensure your materials fit your evolving needs.

What if your business is changing?

C. VanCott Arts will support you through your transition. As your business grows you may feel your focus has taken a new direction. It is important to convey these new ideas to your internal organization and to your market.

This may entail revising collateral and in some cases re-branding to clarify a new vision.


A-la-carte Services

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